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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Instagram Snippets

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a few recent photos from my Instagram. I've been using it much more often now that I finally was able to get the camera on my iPhone fixed. I think I wrote about it in an earlier post, but the back camera on my phone managed to get scratched, which was probably my fault as I dropped it a few times. I finally made it to the Apple store and luckily my phone was still covered under warranty so they were able to replace my phone and give me a new one. Now that I have a working camera I've been taking so many photos! 

Oh, and the cute cat that I'm holding in the third photo isn't my cat, she's my grandma's cat. She's the cutest thing ever! 

For more photos you can follow my Instagram, @onecityowl. I usually try and update it pretty regularly.

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  1. Big fluffy kitty! I love cats! And those brownies look so good, now I'm craving some!

  2. Amazing photos! The brownies look yummy! xx


  3. Thank you! They definitely were very yummy :)

  4. Cat's are the best, especially when they're big and fluffy lol. They were delicious! I used a box mix from Trader Joes to make them.

  5. Lovely! Those cookies and brownies look so yum :)