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Monday, September 17, 2012

Not so single lady cupcakes...

It's time for one of those ever so random baking posts! This time I decided to try out one of Chocolate Covered Katie's recipes. For those of you who have never been to her blog, I highly suggest that you check it out. What makes her blog unique, is the fact that it is not only a dessert blog, but a "healthy" dessert blog. Katie creates vegan dessert recipes, only she makes them healthy! I've always been drooling over the various photos of cupcakes and cookies, but did not take the chance to try out one of her recipes until now.

That leads us to what my post is about today. I followed her pumpkin chocolate-chip muffin single serving recipe, only instead of making one lonely cupcake, I tripled the recipe and made mini cupcakes. 

I thought they turned out very nice! I must say, I was a tad bit skeptical when hearing that all of her recipes were somewhat healthy. Although, I made cream cheese frosting for the pumpkin muffins...making them not so healthy. Now i'll just need to go to the gym more this week. Oh well ;)

I had so much fun making these at home! I really miss not having a kitchen in New York City...but I guess that's the dorm life. Next year I am planning to live in a suite. 

Now it's time to do more homework and go back to NYC tomorrow. I still haven't decided if i'm going to come home next weekend to see my boyfriend. I know he would like that, but it seems a bit pointless to have two days of classes and come home right away. (My school had off Monday and Tuesday for Rosh Hashana).

The weather is getting cooler and I love it. Just another thing I love about fall :).

What's your favorite season?



  1. Cupcakes looks wonderful! I like the decoration too.

  2. Thank you! They tasted good too :)

  3. These look delicious. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday. Please link back to us and come back Sunday to vote.